Ten Point Gear 6 Feet Long Nylon Durable & Comfortable Paracord Dog Leash with Strong Metal Clasp (Red Fleck)


► COMFORTABLE and easy to use hand loop to help you maintain control without sacrificing your comfort.
► SUPER STRONG metal clip hook for a secure hold and easy attachment to your buddy's collar.
► DURABLE 550 paracord is strong and has many practical and survival uses if needed in an emergency situation.
► PERFECT length at 6 feet, do not settle for a dangerous retractable leash.

Great looking and great performing paracord 550 dog lease. Super comfortable handle to allow you to maintain control without rope burned hands! Strong design and components allow for easy and reliable dog lead, great for runs, walks, and even training! Ideal length at 6 feet long not including the handle length, do not settle for dangerous and unreliable retractable dog leashes.

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