Ten Point Gear Extra Wide Gun Sling Paracord 550 Adjustable w/Swivels (Black, Silver & Fluorescent Purple)


► Fully Adjustable from 33" to 44"
► Extra Wide compared to traditional paracord slings (comfort, stability, and extra paracord if unwound in emergency situations)
► Swivels for standard swivel mounts and HK Adapter Included Free.
► Great for Rifles, Shotguns, and even Crossbows.
► Multiple color options available and new colors this year

Handmade EXTRA WIDE paracord 2 point sling with standard swivels. Several great looking color options, all adjustable from 33" to 44". The extra width gives this sling additional comfort, stability, and extra lengths of Paracord compared to traditional width paracord slings. Very lightweight and comfortable. Paracord has hundreds of survival uses, making this sling functional in many ways if necessary. Perfect for use as a rifle sling, shotgun sling, and even a crossbow sling! Looks great on all firearms, both traditional and tactical.

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